My beef with Robert Geller is pretty well documented. THE SHADE YOU THROW MY WAY BY NEVER INVITING ME TO YOUR FASHION SHOW DOES NOT GO UNNOTICED, ROBERT. But then I see a dope shirt like this joint and I'm like, "Damn, I really like this Robert Geller shirt and I'm already past deadline so, I guess you win again, Robby." I like the contrast panel and linen/cotton blend. Everyone is gonna start talking about how you can wear anything you want in the summer as long as it's made of linen. And, while yes, linen does feature a far more open weave than most fabrics, it's not some sort of wonder fabric, so slow your damn roll. Unless someone's like, "Aren't you hot in that?" Then you can look them straight in their fucking face, voice dripping with complete and utter disdain, and go, "Bitch, it's linen."