Before his fall from grace, former MLB God Barry Bonds was raking in truck loads of cash. Bonds has returned to work with the San Francisco Giants after seven years, but that isn't the only check the record-breaker will be cashing.

Back in 2002, he bought a mansion in Beverly Hills for $8.7 million. This month, he closed a deal on the 1.85 acre property for $22 million, $3 million shy of his lucky number and asking price of $25 million. The home is 17,000-square-feet with seven bedrooms, almost enough bathrooms for the entire team, 30-foot ceilings in the foyer, hand-painted Trompe L’oeil murals, a two-story guesthouse, basketball court, and a pool with a cabana (no mention of a trophy room or batting cages). Making close to a million a year in profit is very impressive, but we're curious how he will spend the dough and how his current home compares to the old one.

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[via Trulia]