What if nailing a job interview was as simple as wearing the right color clothing? While skills certainly still matter, the color of your 'fit says a lot about you, at least according to a recent poll by The Huffington Post.

There were mixed reviews on what is the best shade to rock. But for the most part, employers prefer darker colors, such as navy, brown, and black. Apparently, these convey professionalism above anything else. Grey sends the message that you're organized, while blue means you're a team player. 

What's the one color you shouldn't wear? Orange. While some associated orange (along with purple, green, and yellow) as an indicator of creativity, it also came in as the color most associated with someone who is irresponsible and unprofessional. Other things to keep in mind are fit (leave those ill-fitting suits at home), avoiding bold patterns, and dressing for the environment.

The next time you get suited up for a job interview, refer to the list below. It could be what stands between you and your dream gig.

• Black - Leadership

• Blue - Team Player

• Gray - Logical/Analytical

• White - Organized

• Brown - Dependable

• Red - Power

• Green, Yellow, Orange or Purple - all four colors were associated with Creative

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[via The Huffington Post]