The god Hiroki's inspiration for visvim’s F/W 14 collection was patina and a giant metal cutout of Ronald Regan (the Hollywood version, not the economy destroying president version), which is cool and definitely a dope source of inspiration. I mean, everything tarnishes and oxidizes over time. Just look at a photo of you when you were, like, sixteen. Now look in the mirror. That's right, I call getting fat and developing dark, hellish circles under your eyes "patina". Although, I'm not sure you really want your FBTs to tarnish, ya know? Like, I accidentally stepped on the heel of Jake’s Jordans yesterday and he was not cool with that patina, WHICH IS EXACTLY WHY HE KEEPS A PAIR OF FBTS IN HIS DESK DRAWER. Yeah, instead of fresh white shirts and whiskey, the Four Pins office stocks their desks with incredibly expensive potential alphets. What does the new collection look like? It looks like visvim, dawg. Peep that marching band denim jacket. On paper, that shit sounds full on ridiculous, but it's cool IRL because it's visvim. AND THAT’S HOW VISVIM WORKS. Also, I have an off the record source that says Hiroki will be raising price and axing FBT's from the collection for next few seasons because Kanye made them shits too popular. WE BROUGHT THIS UPON OURSELVES, DUDES.