The Vegas trade show hustle is exhausting. Florescent lighting and air conditioning make the geographic location irrelevant as you spend 10 hour days on your feet, selling, buying, schmoozing and eating overpriced food inside a massive, fluorescent lit, air-conditioned room. After the show there are business dinners, industry parties and the usual Vegas fare. I love strippers and gambling, but I was more stoked to spend my mornings and nights camping at Red Rock Canyon, 25 minutes outside of Vegas, with a rotating cast of characters from the various brands in Capsule's Above Tree Line. Sure, we may have missed out on a few parties, but a morning hike is a sanctuary when it's the last time you'll see the sun all day. And a beer shotgunned after your boss shot a hole in it with a BB gun tastes better than a mixed drink in front of a slot machine.

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