Tyson Beckford said he wasn't "a fan" of Pharrell's now-iconic Grammy hat during the launch for Williams' and Bionic Yarn's latest collaboration with G-Star Raw, "Raw for the Oceans."

Pharrell wore the vintage Vivienne Westwood cap for the event, which kicked off the trio's new project: Raw for the Oceans aims to remove sea-polluting plastics and re-purpose them into something useful.

But Beckford couldn't see past that Arby's-lookin' domepiece.

"Me and my boy, we were having a discussion in the Jeep on the way up here and we were saying, 'I hope he ain't got on that hat,'" Beckford told New York Magazine. "It's not conducive to fashion. I don't know where he got that. Someone told me it's, like, [from] back in the eighties, Neneh Cherry. Buffalo Girl, or whatever. But, no."

The actor then went on to say that he himself has tried a few bold looks in the recent past.

"I just started wearing these crazy floral pants by Alexander Nash," he stated. "I like taking chances, but not with hats. I'm not a big hat person. Now, if I had a hat like that, would you date me? No, you wouldn't. You walk into a bar and I got that on? That's definitely gonna cause a bar fight. And you better be able to protect me." 

[via The Cut]