For fashion outsiders (peasants), Fashion Week is something that has to be experienced through struggle blurry grams and street style photos of influencers (us). But thanks to technology and the people at Topshop, a few lucky customers will be given the chance to view Topshop F/W via a 360 degree virtual reality studio in London. So, basically, Topshop is kind of sonning their customers by telling them they still aren't cool enough to go to the actual show but have to be quarantined in a room miles away. But this might not be a bad thing, given that fashion shows are notoriously epic clusterfucks that might actually deter customers from shopping at Topshop in the future. Then again, if you shop at Topshop, clusterfucks are probably something you're accustomed to.

Is this just the beginning of virtual fashion? I know there are companies out there that are really pushing for shit like "virtual dressing rooms" (Topshop included, and which most certainly will fail because drape), but what other things are possible now that we can put people in the fashion without them actually being in the fashion? Which brand is going to be the first to drop a hollogram Anna Wintour at their show? What about the first to put hollogram Anna in the second row??? Virtual shade game so strong.