As straightforward as portraiture may seem, sometimes it takes years of practice for an artist to draw an image that even remotely resembles his subject. 21-year-old Brian Lai, however, makes the task look easy. His figure studies and life-like drawings of famous celebrities and comic book characters look more like movie stills than pencil drawings—but that's not his only strong suit.

Believe it or not, Lai has this incredible gift of being able to envision and render the inverted tones of an image, though it takes a hell of a long time. In other words, this dude draws in negative, and it's only when you look at the inverted version of his drawings that you see the realistic renderings.

Though some people think Lai simply copies the negatives of photographs when creating these drawings, he actually free-hands all of them without any aids. Don't believe us? Check out the photos of Lai's meticulous drawings and his brief demonstration video below:

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[via VisualNews]