The Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced today that the logo that they've been holding onto since 1997 will be replaced with a new design that will be officially unveiled on February 20 by TB legend Warren Sapp. A new helmet design will also be unveiled after 17 years, but fans on their Facebook page may take some convincing that this is a good move.

As to be expected, the top comments are all anti-change. Victor Bruha writes "what the hell is wrong with the logo? It's the best in the NFL!" Connor Steven Stamkos Schickel agrees, saying that "this is a poor decision. The Bucs logo is amazing as is." We aren't as quick to pass judgement on a logo that we haven't seen, but you can expect an update to this post in a couple days when Sapp brings out the designs. How bad can it be?


The helmet and logo were unveiled as planned on February 20 by Warren Sapp and Gerald McCoy. The logo itself is bigger, the red is brighter, and the skull has been updated slightly. This is more of an enhancement, not really a "new" logo. The team has announced that they will be getting new uniforms as well, so the NFL better start adjusting their cameras now. The fact that Tampa fans will be able to spot their team helmets from Miami is cool, but we expected a little more. Maybe a shift back to the pirate face? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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[via ThePewterPlank]