There's a scene in 1990's Ski School in which Anton Bryce, a total douche real estate guy, and his minion (some bro who's name I can't remember) are plotting against my childhood hero, Dave Marshak. Played by Dean Cameron, Marshak is the ultimate partier. He commands a band of misfits and urges them to do stuff like "ski to party, party to ski." Bryce, in a fit of rage, concedes that Marshak is "a goddamn folk hero." Dave Marshak is the spiritual king of Apres Ski.

Skiing and streetwear have a history, although one mostly built off status rather than connected vibes. Few New York natives know who Scot Schmidt is, but many are aware that (at least for a time) Northface SteepTech was dope as fuck. Similarly, Spyder had a turn as star slope to street convert. Neither did much beyond expressing cool through $'s spent. Here's where St. Moritz Supersoft comes in.

The brand new British brand draws inspiration from the wild resort lifestyle of the late '80s and early '90s. Balancing graphic placement that connects to contemporary aesthetics and nods to proper ski mountain garments, it comes correct in expressing a proper high/low dynamic. In short, these are the types of shirts that are built for the party. You should want to be like Dave Marshak. After all, who doesn't want to devote life to skiing, beers and boobs?