Do you guys know who Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood are? Probably because everyone was telling their non-fashion friends that Pharrell’s hat was "actually an archival piece by Vivienne Westwood." But back in the late '70s, when shit was really on and popping, McLaren and Westwood had a shop called SEX and they sold this T-shirt depicting Minnie and Mickey getting freaky, which shouldn't really be that much of a surprise since the shop was literally called SEX. Chris Black aka Done To Death aka Eccentric Billionaire aka Mr. Web Presence Skronger Than Yours decided to bootleg that shit and now you can buy another T-shirt that will make your mother (and mothers everywhere) extremely upset. Shouts to unabashed bootlegging. If they try and sue, you we can all, "THAT'S NOT PUNK AT ALL. PUNK REALLY IS DEAD. SMFH." Although, if you think about it, was punk ever really alive? Isn't the minute a movement is given a label the moment it dies? LOL JK IT'S JUST A SHIRT WITH TWO CARTOON MICE FUCKING ON IT.