Wow Raf, wow. You just made a shirt with a graphic of a guy swan diving into the ill clover thirst quencher. THERE ARE SO MANY THIRST JOKES TO CHOOSE FROM RIGHT NOW THAT MY MIND LITERALLY JUST SHUT DOWN LIKE WHEN YOUR IPHONE GETS OVERHEATED. Mr. Porter says this tee will make a "powerful statement". Tru and real, Mr. Porter, tru and real. But you know what else makes a powerful statement? COMPLETELY BRICKING YOUR WHOLE ‘FIT WITH A STUPID TEE SHIRT THAT COSTS 235 DOLLARS. Hey you guys, this is kind of a tangent, but I smoked a menthol while chewing on a mint lifesaver and now I have icicles in my throat. I strongly recommend you do that rather than buy this shirt. Even if it is Raf.