U.S. Alteration just released this T-shirt pack, consisting of 7 tees, each printed with a different day of the week. Essentially, these are the "Grandpa's pill organizer" of the T-shirt community, but instead of vitamins and Lipitor dispersed throughout the week, it's just a similar, awesome T-shirt. Let's be real though, when it comes to social situations, these are kind of a no-win scenario. Having worn many a "Saturdays" tee on actual Saturdays, I can confidently say that if you wear these, people will not stop making jokes about how you must be an idiot who can't remember what day of the week it is. But if you wear your Monday tee on, say, a Thursday, everyone is going to make jokes about how you DON'T know which day of the week it is. In summation, people suck in case you didn't already know that.