Back in September, art duo Os Gêmeos revisited San Francisco's Luggage Store Gallery and left behind a painting at the top of the building, in the very same spot they painted a previous mural in 2003. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of their first North American solo show, the Sao Paulo-based artists spray painted a new, gallery-commissioned piece over their last mural. It wasn't until recently that Arrested Motion was able to climb up to the roof of Luggage Store Gallery to snap close-up photos.

The latest painting, which was funded by Graue Family Fund for Public Art, features one of Os Gêmeos' signature yellow characters. Dedicated to late graffiti writers NEKST and JADE, the caricature seems to protrude from the gallery walls, clutching a can of spray paint. His purple hat bears a JADE throwup, and the spray paint can features a miniature character wearing a NEKST belt buckle. Click through to see Os Gêmeos' detailed piece.

[via ArrestedMotion]

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