I don't typically associate Nordstrom with hypebeasting. The store actually just reminds me of all the times my mom bought me a sweater she thought would look "cute" on me. But I guess that's why they've decided to stock a limited offering of some of the most hyped brands on the market via their "Heartbreakers Club" pop up shop, including A.P.C., Hood By Air, Mark McNairy, Nike and even October's Very Own. I think they're doing it to get people like me to come into their store and/or shop online. And, in all fairness, this is probably the first time ever I've visited their online store. But guys, if I'm being honest, I almost never buy shit online. I'm not wild reckless like our esteemed Four Pins EIC, a man who literally bought his FBT's from the visvim online store like a fucking sociopath. Plus, instead of just walking into VFiles like a regular person, dude ordered a Pigalle hoodie via their web shop (which, by the way, ships out of Texas for some unknown reason). Thankfully, this v #relevant #popup will also be in select Nordstom stores until March 6, a golden opportunity for flyover fuccbois to catch positive IRL feels for once.