Yo guys, how's it going? Moy just hopped off the G6 straight from the Robocop set and floated into the office, so the vibe in here right now is even more turnt than usual. I mean, we literally just tweeted, "alphet wit da titties out." Like, what the fuck? Lawrence is currently Olympic-style diving into a pile of cocaine and Moy has moved on to hitting up skrippers on the Nextel chirp, so, in short, recklessness is at an all-time high at Four Pins HQ. But that doesn't mean that you at home shouldn't still be buying dope jawnz like this Nanamica varsity/bomber. In the same way that for the next 10 days we not only get to read Moy's jokes online, but also hear said jokes IRL, this jacket is two incredible things at once. And, unlike him, it won't leave you a week later and break your heart.