Damn Garbstore, a lightweight, 2 layer Schoeller, straight murdered out mac? I think I just found the mac the mac of my dreams. Aren't you guys so happy for me? First rule of menswear is always be happy for your friends when they find a new jawn to cop. Unless it's something you also desire. If that's the case, you have to make the same "fake happy" face that your girl makes when she finds out her sorority nemesis just got engaged to a doctor. It's a hard face to make, so some method acting may help. You have to imagine what it's like finding out that the girl whose hair you spent 3.5 years holding back while she vomited up SoCo and Boone's Farm Rose is now engaged to a doctor that looks like an east coast version of Matthew McConnaughey, while you're still trying to convince some loser "writer" to move in together. Her fiance can literally save lives, while your boyfriend literally just contemplated spending $489 on a pair of sneakers despite not being able to afford to go to the luxe make your own salad spot.