When we think of Mariah Carey (and by association, Nick Cannon), "magical" is definitely a word that comes to mind. It seems that word also applies to everything that they touch because brokers have used it to refer to the $13 million dollar mansion that the couple is trying to get rid of. According to Curbed, the property is referred to as a "magical estate" that is "reminiscent of the finest hotels." There are six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a basketball court, "Aspen" room (whatever that is), movie theater, putting green, and decor that only Mariah Carey could have chosen. 

Curbed pointed to a Real Estalker article that calls the Bel-Air crib's floorplan "rambling and almost incoherent," which we're pretty sure is the plot summary of both Love Don't Cost a Thing and Underclassmen

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[via Curbed]