The NBA's shersheys just won't go away (unfortunately). Next month, the league will pay homage to its Hispanic fans and players during "Noche Latina" (Latin Night) games. And of course, it will be bringing out the shersheys to celebrate.

The New York Knicks' "Hispanic Heritage" jersey just leaked online. It reads "Nueva York" across the chest and features a diamond-design pattern on the back. The purpose here is great, but enough with the sherseys already. We're just waiting for the day someone knocks some sense into Adam Silver and makes him realize these look terrible.

Anyway, the Knicks will suit up in their Hispanic Heritage shersheys in mid-March and you can expect the NBA store and Knicks apparel retailers to have these in stock prior (if you're willing to take that risk). The Lakers, Heat, Magic, Suns and Bulls are each expected to don similar shersheys during the month of March. 

[via @uniformswag on Twitter]