Breakout Danish brand Han Kjobenhavn has been making new rules about what models should look like, and has casted this badass old dude for the past couple seasons. We’re not sure who he is, but he looks like he’s lived life that can be only told through whispers. Maybe the brand owes him a debt, and the only way to pay him back is to let him model in the lookbook, as they do for the new spring/summer 2014 collection. He even has his face on a sweater. Either way, he should be the only model for the brand from now on.

The new collection is clean. Ice blue is the main color of the collection, but the main standout is an all white moto jacket. Next level fabrics, including Cordura, PVC, and nylons further support the futuristic vibes the brand is emanating for the upcoming collection.

And, of course, the old man pulls off the clothes so naturally.

Visit the Han Kjobenhavn website to shop the collection now.