Are you tired of bomber jackets? FUCK YOU, SON. I'M OUT HERE IN NYC WRITING THIS IN THE FOUR PINS HEADQUARTERS JUST L-I-V-I-N-G AKA I'M REALLY FEELING MY INFLUENCE RIGHT NOW, SO YOU JUST GOTTA WAIT THINGS OUT. The other day I got some soap that smells like fir trees—GRATIS. I like the bomber in question because it doesn’t have the blunt pocket on the sleeve like a traditional MA-1 that everyone is popping a B for lately. It's not that I don’t like blunt pockets, or blunts for that matter, it's just that I tend to forget blunts are in there and throw my jacket over the back of a chair and break the blunt and then I've got weed particles all up in my bomber sleeve and you just know de Blasio is gonna go turbo on the stop and frisks while your boy is in town. Go to Oi Polloi and buy this Folk bomber.