Shoes like Pottery makes a bunch of vintage looking kicks, but I'm partial to the storm trooper hi-tops. Sure, you could get Chuck Taylors and call it day, but are you really a "get generic sneakers and call it a day" kind of guy? No, you're a "spend too much money on generic sneakers and love it" kind of guy. SLP (yeah, I guess Shoes Like Pottery is now the other SLP) sneakers have some nice minimal branding. What is that logo though, you ask? Oh, just an abstraction of the "small magic hammer" of Japanese lore, said to grant the user's wishes. THAT'S SOME DOPE ASS FOLKLORE, MY G. I'm gonna get a pair and wish for all the important things in life, such as, but not limited to: a rich sugar momma, a blazing fast internet connection and to get street styled 'til the day I die.