Diamond Supply Co.'s aesthetic is instantly recognizable: the California-based company that originally started as a skate brand has now become an iconic label all its own. When you see a piece of Diamond's clothing, you immediately know what it is - mostly because there's an enormous, round-cut VVS emblem stamped on to remind you. 

But now, Diamond's trying new silhouettes and styles, and the brand's latest release epitomizes that move into far-away waters. The G.I. boot toes the line between utility (think Red Wing boots and a thick sole) and Diamond's signature casual take on streetwear. The paneled boots feature a moc toe and systematic stitching. A tiny diamond is imprinted surreptitiously on the corner of the boot. Nappa leather in "Rain Fog Camo" isn't too ostentatious of a colorway, either.

Diamond Supply's G.I. Boot just dropped at WishATL, so head over there to cop. 

[via WishATL]