Damn, our boy Brry is murdering all you Internet cool kids. This time he teamed up with Mr. Chris Black aka Done To Death to make some pencils that sort of endorse drug use. If you are in high school, make sure to take your SATS with these G.O.A.T. No. 2 pencils. And make sure you pop a quick 'gram for posterity's sake. If you aren't in school, chances are you haven't used an actual writing utensil in, like, five years. In that case, simply place the five pack of pencils somewhere on your "workspace" so people will think you're the sly, creative type. Although, while they're shipping, you should spend those 3-5 business days tracking down a pencil sharpener, lest people think you are actually too cool for drugs. Which, FALSE. You just need to find the right drug for you.