This jersey chore coat from OAMC is not cheap, my friends. Neither was this duck dish Woolf ordered at a Thai spot when a bunch of grabbed dinner during NYFW. But, you know what? It was fucking delicious and I wish I had splurged on the duck instead of eating cheaply and getting pad Thai like a chump. The same goes with chore coats. You do not want a cheap one because you aren't going to be doing any actually chores in that shit anyway. Did you guys have friends who were always like, "I can't come out and play yet because I haven't finished my chores yet"? That swagless bullshit always sounded so archaic to me, like when your rando friend would ask if you wanted to come over for supper. SUPPER? YOU MEAN DINNER, MY DUDE? JUST ASK ME IF I WANT SOME TATER TOTS LIKE A NORMAL HUMAN BEING. Anyways, this chore coat, while it sounds super anachronistic in the age of text messages and robot vacuum cleaners, is actually pretty high tech, at least for a fucking jacket. It has crazy bonded seams and shit. Whenever you see taped seams on a garment you know it's high tech. Or at least more high tech than the basic ass jackets sitting next to it on the rack.