Since neither the Giants nor the Jets came anywhere close to being in the Super Bowl, not many New Yorkers were paying as much attention to the field as they normally would have been. However, one bright spot among last night's massacre and hours of lackluster commercials was Bruno Mars blowing people's minds with a great performance and, more importantly for style-conscious viewers, an incredible outfit consisting of custom Saint Laurent Paris.

I wouldn't have considered myself a fan of the singer before last night, but consider me a full fledged Mars-ketee now. Bruno hit the stage looking awesome in a gold tux reminiscent of the soul and R&B acts that he's clearly inspired by, and he's such a nice dude that he allowed his band to look just as cool as he did. The full group looked dope rocking custom SLP. To anyone who didn't flip over to the Puppy Bowl during halftime, Bruno Mars made the case last night that anyone who cares about stylish celebs needs to pay close attention to what he's rocking from here on out, and to hurry up and submit an application to be a part of his band just to get dibs on what is obviously a sick wardrobe.