Fuck roses and a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Those gifts are played out. Who do you think you’re surprising when your boo’s cubicle neighbor at work is getting the exact same presents? What you need to give your significant other is the Beyoncé Yours/Mine Boxers & Boyshorts Collection.

First off, it’s a Beyoncé product so there should be no complaints from your significant other. Second it’s also like gifting yourself since technically you can wear the boxers (And let's be honest, you secretly vibe out to "Mine"). But don’t be selfish because Valentine's Day is all about her. And these will totally make your bae feel special while everyone at her office is getting sucky Build-A-Bear gifts. Surprise her with something different; something she'll actually find dope.

There are different combinations available for purchase in all black with Mine/Yours pink Lettering. So stop holding back and get carried away with all the combinations possible at the Beyoncé website.

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[via Beyoncé]