It's been nearly two decades since 10.Deep first started and now, it's safe to say Scott Sasso and his team are popular far beyond the borders of Brooklyn.

The new collection, aptly called Internationally Known, is packed with gear you'll probably see lining the streets throughout the spring and summer months. If you've been a fan of the brand's jerseys in the past, there are two different styles that may intrigue you. 10.Deep covered its signature baseball jersey in an all over floral print, and added stitched flags onto the shoulders of its football jerseys.

Other highlights include lumberjack long sleeves, partial camo hoodies, cherry blossom covered crewnecks, T-shirts, pants, and hats. Many of the items have a strong Japanese-influence and even include the country's flag and Kanji writing.

The full collection is available now via 10.Deep's online shop

[via StupidDope]