visvim just dropped their S/S 14 lookbook and the shit is both fire flames and a little fantastical woodland weirdness all at once. No flex, but we already saw all of these clothes back in September during fashion week and even talked about them with the gawd Hiroki himself, but it's still good to see them in the brand's signature "boyish model against tapestry" look. The clothes themselves are pretty standard operating procedure for vis, which means they have a wash and vintage quality that no other brand in the marketplace can seem to duplicate. That probably comes from the rare dyes used in the manufacturing process, such as beetle blood (for real) in the above red robe. Once again drawing from American (both of the native and non-native variety), the collection is entitled "Dissertation On A Happiness With No Country", which makes no fucking sense at all, but we don't give a shit and still want to wear all of this, the one exception being that baby bowler hat that sits oh so delicately atop homi's head like a giant pimple.