I know you're skressing these days, wondering if lhamos and noragis are still gonna be poppington in 2k14. You may have even acquired a chambray version back in September and are now having second thoughts, concerned you may just end up looking like the second coming of Hiroki Nakastruggle. And, to answer to your quandary: Yes, yes you will, but these are still dope. Trends don't die until Four Pins says they do. So, feel free to get much excite because new, plaid versions just dropped over at Union and, shit, are they beautiful or what? Made in Italy (as seen on the tag even though Union's copy reads "Made In Japan"), and born ready to looks wildly dope under, say, a black MA-1come springtimez, lhamo shirts are one of those things you never have to worry about ending up at J.Crew.