Nanamica, let me count the ways I love thee. I love your lookbooks. I love your expensive ass jackets. I love this shirt. Sidenote: Um, damn, S/S 14 shit is in stores already? I'M STILL STRUGGLE COPPING F/W SALE JAWNZ AS WE SPEAK. This shirt has a stretch polyester back panel that gives the garment more flex for you to do cartwheels and shit in without worrying about ripping a seam. Man, contrast back panels are the new numbers on the back of shirts. huh? I can’t wait 'til that trend reaches Des Moines. Sorry, I mean, El Paso (my New Year's resolution is to stop shitting on Des Moines, so I picked El Paso for 2014). People will be like, “Why the are all these nerds pretending they're on the Dream Team of fucking losers? WEAR A JERSEY LIKE A REAL MAN." That’s how people in El Paso sound in my head.