The work of Rafaël Rozendaal we’re most familiar with involves formulating interactive, hyper-colored websites for public play, the kind of soothing and viably mindless stuff that we crave to come across at some point in our tedious, computer-chained work days. He dropped three pretty interesting such projects in 2013 and now we’re getting the first look at hist first project of 2014. The site, Fill This Up (dot com) utilizes a series of cycling, random polygons in near-fluorescent gradients. The page fills up like the slow motion expanse of a nebula, as the cursor moves across the page. Holding the mouse button down simply reverses the canvas to white. These colors and the simplicity of the page are the perfect bright anecdote to these Polar Vortex gray days. 

 Go Fill This Up.

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[via It's Nice That]