Do you guys own any high-end beach blankets or does that seem like a swagless purchase to you? I sure as fuck don’t. I just cop whatever blue towel is super soft at Bed Bath & Beyond. I straight snub that section for the most part because that shit is not conducive to my morning routine. When you run late for pretty much everything in your entire life, giant, ungainly towels aren’t the move. And unless you have a fucking horse's mane you don’t need all that terry cloth. Also, I'm never at the beach. Like, ever. But my good friend has this Hermes towel and it's as boss as you're probably picturing in your head right now. However, I can’t afford a Hermes anything and neither can you (if you plan on calling my bluff, pics or it didn’t happen), so when I saw this Reigning Champ x Beauty & Youth jam I was all, "Damn, 100 bucks is still kind of a lot for a towel, but 2014 is the year I make moves and hang out near large bodies of water." I wonder if Haven will price match those Bed Bath & Beyond 20% off coupons. I have, like, a million of those.