I know Wallabees and Desert Boots are the go-to Clarks but fuck that noise. It’s all about the Desert Trek right now. Well, that and the Wallabee, but this post is dedicated to the Desert Trek. Shit is comfy, has the ill center seam detail, and contrast heel panel. The murdered out suede joints will be perfect for Spring/Summer Stunting Season. Sure, right now your black Timbs are perfect for the winter but once the mercury starts to rise those boots can get hot. Only dudes who iron creases in their jeans and say things like “Hey, ma,” without offending girls don’t get hot in the summer while wearing Timbs. One time in college I was like “Hey ma” to this girl and she threw her left over chef’s salad at me. USE “HEY MA” WITH CAUTION IF YOU ARE OPERATING ON LOW LEVELS OF SWAG THAT DAY.