UK-based department store Selfridges has hired architecture firm OMA to design a temporary auditorium in the basement of it’s London’s Oxford Street location called the Imaginarium. The space will be used to host debates and lectures during the Festival of Imagination which kicks off on January 16.

The Imaginarium will be structured to foster both creativity and learning, containing a circular amphitheatre that can seat up to 72 people. The amphitheatre, which is surrounded by a polycarbonate wall, is equipped with furniture for inquisitive patrons and a collapsing screen that is available for visual aids. The other walls of the Imaginarium will be clad in floor-to-ceiling mirrors to create the feeling of endless space and possibility. The Imaginarium's floor will be painted in an Op Art-style of black and white vanishing stripes. OMA elected to use bright green as an accent color for the room's columns.

The Imaginarium will host daily events during the festival. These events are intended to explore the limits and benefits of the imagination.

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[via Dezeen]