BUCKET HAT BACK! BUCKET HAT BACK! Sure, it’s been a motherfucking minute, but don’t think ya boy doesn’t still wear bucket hats like a true OG (original geriatric). Not all your buckets should be made out of whimsical prints and fabrics. No, you need some diesel waxed cotton in your life because Mother Nature has been a bit of a tyrant lately. She was like, “OH YEAH? YOU THINK WINTERS HAVE BEEN MILD THE PAST FEW YEARS? SUCK IT, NEW YORKERS.” And we all know weather doesn’t happen unless a New Yorker tweets about it. This Barbour bucket will keep your head dry and make shuffling along the sidewalk amidst dirty, slushy snow drifts and dumb, hot chicks who think Uggs are winter boots. UGGS AREN’T EVEN WATERPROOF. THEM JOINTS WERE MADE FOR FROLICKING ON THE BEACH IN BIKINIS, NOT TAKING UP THE WHOLE SIDEWALK WITH YOUR BAGGY IN UNFLATTERING AREAS SWEATPANTS.