Over All Master Cloth, which launched for the Fall/Winter 2013 season, just dropped the lookbook for Spring/Summer 2014. In relation to the previous season of garments, S/S 14 is decidedly less dictated by authentic workwear and offers a much more contemporary take on Carhartt's classic pieces like chore coats and cargo pants. That said, some of the pieces are way doper than others. Like, no one is fucking out here trying to wear a nylon, neon green V-neck sweater looking like a haute garbagio walking nuclear power plant. But a lot of dudes are out here are definitely trying to wear a tan chore coat with a neon green engineered stripe across the chest. We also appreciate OAMC's continued attempts at salvaging the disgraced name of camo by using it subtly on grey sweatshirts and white oxfords.