Austrian artist Mario Dilitz has created a series of incredibly detailed life-size wooden sculptures as an inquiry into the human condition. The pieces have facial expressions that are so life-like that they have enthralled viewers from all over the globe. By chiseling such intensely emotional features into his figures, Dilitz seeks to expose humanity’s hidden side by inciting speculation and reflection.  Each sculpture’s concept was drawn from contemporary issues so that it would be more likely to resonate with the public.

Dilitz’s figures are carved from high quality wood and are held together by joints of red glue that are visible to the naked eye. The process by which the artist constructs his figures is as important to him as the finished products are. He begins by destroying his material, and then reconstructing it into freestanding and independent pieces. This allows the medium to reach its full potential, a state that would have been impossible in its natural condition.

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[via Fubiz]