Pagan druids, a punk band called Puffer, British culture clashes and a decidedly firm turn away from avant-garde bullshit. 

Welcome to British designer Liam Hodges' world. 

The Kent native has returned for his second term at Fashion East Installations, a non-profit collective that displays the work of burgeoning young artists. Alongside his presentation, he's released his autumn/winter 2014 lookbook, "Druid Road," a compilation of the sights, sounds and experiences that inspired his utilitarian, stripped-down styles.

Each piece is covered in Gorilla tape which, according to Hodges, was used because "it's tough as leather and looks good." The artist drew influence from a group of Celtic priests called druids, roadies he met while playing shows with his band Puffer and the classism of English society to create the line for "Druid Road."

Watch Puffer perform "Holsten Pils" above, then go here for more. 

[via Liam Hodges]