After conducting a worldwide giveaway of ten of the original gold EXSTINCTOR sculptures, Kidult has announced that there is a variant "Misery Edition" of the skeletal fire extinguishers that will be sold exclusively through his NoGalleryNoMaster site.

On the homepage of the site, the artist explains why the pieces won't be sold through a gallery: "Just like graffiti, my work is public, and not private. NoGalleryNoMaster was created so that we can choose and select how my work is sold and distributed, in accordance with very specific criteria. We will refuse any sale or collaboration involving galleries, institutions or any other for-profit artistic entities, which enables me to keep unrestrained artistic vision, independence and freedom."

Like the first edition, there are only 10 of the matte black sculptures available, so make sure you're at your computer on January 24 at 9am (or a few minutes before to be on the safe side). No word on pricing so have your credit card info ready.

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[via Hypebeast]