When Ja Rule isn't starring in films like I'm in Love With a Church Girl, reminiscing about the good 'ol days with Lil Kim and Kid Rock, or shamelessly using the hashtag #modelsandbottles, he's spitting Instagram bars about art. Or rather, he just did, quoting "Intro (Fuck Fame)" off his 2012 album, Pain is Love 2, alongside a portrait that can't decide whether to be black and white or oversaturated.

"Picasso Rembrandt Basquiat Warhol couldn't paint a better work of art and I'm like a child in art class cause I'm tryna brainwash every canvas go on kiss my ass the elephants in the room paint retro here's to van goo but y'all don't hear me tho I'm what u never saw something ya never seen y'all motherfuckas can't see me Banksy"- Ruleyork

"Intro (Fuck Fame)" is awfully similar to Jay Z's "Picasso Baby," in terms of being an assaulting amount of art world references in one song. Maybe Ja Rule knows it's #museumselfie day on Twitter and forgot to use the hashtag? Either way, this is your daily "rappers love art and art loves rappers" moment to cherish and ponder for the week to come. You're welcome.

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[via Instagram]

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