Holy shit! After, like, one hundred years, J. Press is closing its Manhattan store?! That’s fucking crazy. Is it really just due to the landlord’s plans for major renovations that would force the Ivy stalwart to relocate, at least temporarily? It’s hard to think that Onward Kashiyama, the owner's of J. Press, didn’t have prior notice from their landlord in order to look for a suitable temporary location. The fact that they chose to simply shut down for at least a year and lay off the sales staff may be telling. First, the death of Hickey, then Rugby passed, then Urban Outfitters started selling Take Ivy. Is prep dying? LOL NAH. Rich white dudes will always want to wear orange corduroy pants with beagles embroidered on them because they are fucking douchebags. Also, because JAPAN. But, in all seriousness, a New York fixture like J. Press closing its doors after all these years means the shaggy dog may just become an endangered species.