Being based in Hawaii, streetwear brand In4mation’s seasonal offerings don’t really change much from the staple warm weather gear. In fact, while it does follow the fashion calendar, and introduces its latest winter 2014 offerings, the collection can pretty much pass as a summer collection part dos.

Forget about outerwear; what you will find are graphic tees, crewneck sweaters, hoodies, and hats. Floral patterns, In4mation's trademark "Hi" logos, Spy vs. Spy cartoons, and 3M caps are also just some of the details you'll see. According to creative director Keith Kanagusuku, this collection was inspired by "the bands and music that shaped [their] lives", reffering to the likes of De La Soul, Bad Brains, Minor Threat and A Tribe Called Quest.  

If the current winter storm has you feeling cold, the lookbook will certainly offer some sort of escape. The collection is available now on the In4mation website