The yung homie and ex-Four Pinner, Brry, stays making nice things. WHY CAN’T MORE OF YOU YOUNG GO-HARDS BE LIKE BRRY BNDS AND MAKE AND SELL NICE THINGS? I’M TIRED OF LOOKING AT YOUR GPOY'S ON TUMBLR. I like this patch because it vibes like those patches you see Vietnam vets selling shit at dirt malls. This would look dope on M-65s and jean jackets and backpacks. I would buy this patch, but I live in Detroit, which would render the geographic-based salutation a little meaningless. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that it doesn’t matter because we are all about getting this money whatever city we happened to live in. I BET YOU IN EL PASO THEY ARE ALL ABOUT GETTING THIS MONEY. Damn, making fun of El Paso just isn’t as fun as making fun of Des Moines.