Riccardo Tisci aka Yung Teesh just unveiled his Givenchy Pre-Fall 2014 collection. We've ruminated on the importance, or lack there of, of Pre-Fall collections before, as well as talked mad shit about Givenchy and how Tisci may or not may not actually be a hack posing as a genius. Going back and forth on the issue today, I find myself somewhere in the middle. These clothes aren't amazing (I thought Givenchy S/S 14 was amazing btw), but they're not straight butt like the camo x floral x neon orgy that was Pre-Spring 2013. Like, at some point we just have to step back and admit that Givenchy helped father the popularity of brands like En Noir, Hood By Air, Stampd, etc., corny as some of that shit may or may not be. On the other hand, the T-shirt you see in slide 7 is venturing dangerously close into Ed Hardy territory. On the other, other hand, it's not a dog, nor does there appear to be any religious iconography, so it does appear that Tisci and his therapist are making some solid progress.