Given the amount of people who now take pole dancing as a way to workout, it's fair to say that the sensual activity is about more than skimpy underwear and dollar bills. It takes a lot of power and practice to be able to work the pole like a pro, and the greats also do it with a little style and grace. Daniel Repeti produced this video for the Achieve Physique Personal Training and Fitness Studio which stars Andrea Ryff, a lady who has definitely put in the hours an isn't your typical pole dancer. Ryff is jacked and does some incredible things with her upper and lower body strength. If she got those abs from pole dancing, we may have to start taking classes too. 

The performance was very well-shot and we can't say enough about Ryff's performance. Watch below and see if it makes you see strippers and pole performers in a new light.

UNFOLD from Daniel Repeti on Vimeo.

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[via Vimeo]