President Obama has admitted in his first book that he has used marijuana and “maybe a little blow” in the past. So it should be no shocker when someone mentions his name and drugs. But what if Obama was still partaking in illicit and illegal substances? Would he be pouring up with the likes of Lil' Wayne, Chief Keef, and A$AP Yams? Well, streetwear brand Codean Couture imagines what the leader of the free world would look like when he's gone off that purp with its new “#Obamacare” tee.

The graphic takes advantage of the fact that no matter what activity the POTUS is doing, it can be Photoshopped into many different activities. And in this particular instance, Obama is straight up sipping on that lean. Eyes drooped down and a thumbs up complete the trifecta.

The only thing that might hold you back from purchasing this tee is that it’s a V-neck. But at least it's not a super deep V that shows off the taco meat, so you get a pass. Visit the ESGWIZ website to purchase these “EXTREMELY RARE” shirts.