Activists from the Right of Way organization created these important stencil pieces in memory of elderly people killed by drivers on New York City roads in the last six months. Entitled "ElderLoss," the series of stencils were completed during a tri-borough bike ride and feature chalk outlines as well as the names and ages of the deceased and the date of their death. The words "No Criminality Suspected" were also stenciled near the outline to bring attention to the fact that the drivers in the seven incidents were not charged for the deaths. 

Right of Way founder Charles Komanoff said that since the '90s, "more than two times as many seniors were run over and killed by drivers in New York City as were murdered." He and the rest of the organization are using street art and other demonstrations to get the NYPD and Mayor de Blasio to pay attention and stop the pattern. For more information about the organization and their work, check out

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