Bradford Shellhammer left his day job as chief design officer for Fab a few months ago, but he is still a shareholder and "non-executive advisor" to the online retail company that he founded alongside Jason Goldberg. When you leave a company valued at $1 billion dollars, the only logical thing to do is to start a rock band with fellow designers.

Shellhammer and British designer Tom Dixon are serious about forming a band and told Co. Design that they are currently looking for a woman from the design world to join them. Shellhammer will provide vocals and Dixon will play the bass, but he didn't specify what instrument the third member would play. With a name like "Rough," it could be any subgenre, so we'll have to wait for the debut to find out. 

In addition to the band, Shellhammer has also announced that he will be opening his own retail and design consultancy, We're not sure how he will balance gigs and consulting work, but we're interested to see how both projects develop over the next few months.

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[via Dezeen]