There's a reason that New York Fashion Week is often referred to as a "circus". The deadly, incurable virus that is thirsty struggle bloggers aside, the pure logistics of getting to different shows sprawled across Manhattan, especially when none seem to begin on time, lends itself one gigantic, if still lovable, clusterfuck of an atmosphere. Having seemingly learned from our mistakes, the organizers of the newly dubbed London Collections: Men decided to streamline all the fuckery, deciding that every show should take place at only two venues located a convenient 4 minutes apart. According to those who were there (we weren't because muhfuckas neva loved us), shows began on time and the proximity of the shows lent itself to a much less stressful environment. ARE YOU HEARING US, MERCEDES BENZ?! QUIT MAKING ME SEARCH THROUGH THE THOUSAND OF EMAILS ON MY PHONE FROM PR GIRLS TO GET INTO LINCOLN CENTER 12 MINUTES BEFORE ANOTHER SHOW IN A LOWER EAST SIDE "SPEAKEASY" IS ABOUT TO BEGIN. UBER FINNA RUN UP MY CREDIT.

As for the clothes themselves, London still seems to be the burgeoning place for young, lesser known designers to flex their skillz. We were most drawn to the more progressive, modern offerings, even though London is typically associated with the razor sharp tailoring of Savile Row, but have you heard? That shit is boring. It's 2014! We can pass hella judgments on clothing we've only seen through our computer screens. This is the Internet! Let's get this money!